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 Organic olive farming is based on producing olive oil without chemicals that degrade the environment; Using their natural environment as the only means of sustenance.

Water from rain, earth, sun and auxiliary insects; Are the only resources in contact with our trees.

We do not use artificial fertilizers, only natural ones and a mixture of compost that we elaborate with rest of crushed pruning. In this way, we make sure that the land and its surroundings are well fertilized.

Aceite de oliva virgen extra ecológico

Ante las plagas de mosca y pray, usamos un tratamiento a base de hormigas totalmente natural. Estas mantienen el olivar libre de amenazas, y a su vez, regularizan a otras semillas silvestres del ecosistema del olivar.

Por último y no menos importante, tenemos que mencionar la influencia de las cubiertas vegetales en la olivicultura ecológica de nuestra explotación.

Esto consiste en la siembra o mantenimiento de plantas herbáceas anuales para cubrir durante parte del año el suelo del olivar.


At 9 Olivos we are organic farmers, dedicated fully to obtain the extra virgin olive oil.


We have care cure, harvest, storage and packaging of a best quality EVOO.

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We put our olive trees at your disposal, so that the organic EVOO, travel directly from the countryside to your home.


Our project “Sponsor an olive tree” was born to break the walls between the tradition and the avant-garde.


Our illusion is to continue working to bring the Andalusian olive grove  to all homes of the world.


We take care of the collection, extraction, storage and packaging of an EVOO of the best quality.

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